We are proud to announce that we have included the FreightGuard Service Guarantee in our range of services to our customers. If there is an isolated incident where JKJ Express, or its agents, experience a service failure that results in the loss or damage of your consignment, we now provide a guarantee over our service through the FreightGuard Service Guarantee program.

The service guarantee is designed to protect our customers against loss or damage while the goods are in the care, custody, and control of JKJ Express.

The FreightGuard Service Guarantee provides peace of mind by offering a guarantee of up to R 5,000.00 per consignment, with guaranteed quick claim resolution and no excess applied to the claimed amount.

Claims can be logged online, with the easy-to-use FreightGuard claim form.

Click on the link provided to give us the details of your claim and to upload your claim documents.

FreightGuard Value Added Service FreightGuard

    • Assesses all loss or damage incidents in accordance with the terms and conditions of the FreightGuard Service Guarantee Programme and agreed or rejected within a 7-day time frame
    • Provides a complete training programme for client sales teams, credit controllers and customer service staff prior to implementation, to help maximise the benefits of the FreightGuard Service Guarantee to their customers
    • Offers insights into the freight company’s operations with the aim of driving loss or damage incidents down even further, including packaging standards, analytics and other insights
    • Is compliant with the relevant FSB rulings and FAIS Act.